ICYMI: Bachmann Leads Special Order on Immigration

Jul 9, 2013

Washington, D.C.-- Last night Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN-06) joined her colleagues on the House Floor to slam the Senate Gang of Eight's focus on amnesty over border security.

Obama has History of "Selective Enforcement" of Laws

“What I fear is that if we combine [border security and amnesty] in so-called 'comprehensive reform' is we're going to see selective enforcement and you're going to pick and choose. We saw the President of the United States this week, twice, say that he is not going to enforce certain parts of Obamacare. Hey, fine with me. Don't enforce any of it, but do it through the rule of law.”

Amnesty is a Deal Breaker; Secure the Border First

“We have such a credibility problem right now in the United States Congress, because we say we’re going to do something, and we don’t. …I think it’s time this body says that amnesty is our deal breaker. We are not doing amnesty. No way, no how, not until you secure the border.”

Amnesty Hurts the Middle Class

 “As a Member of Congress, I can’t vote for anything that’s going to take jobs from legal American citizens. …When we’re talking about amnesty, we’re talking about taking away jobs from legal American citizens. Why on Earth would we do that?”

"Where's the Fence?"

"What are we doing talking about amnesty again, when we haven't seen the fulfillment of the promise from President Reagan in 1986? People were so angry about this that in 2006 this Congress passed a bill that authorized building a fence along all 700 miles of the southern border. And they paid for it--they completely funded it. ..That was 2006. What is it again? 2013? Seven years later, where's the fence? There used to be a commercial on TV saying 'where's the beef?' We're saying 'where's the fence?'"

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